Be ready for the BEST experience of your life!

From 8 March to 17 March, LBG CentraleSupelec welcomes you to a spring course about the transports of the future. Hyperloop, electric planes, autonomous cars, drones or even jetpacks… these things sell dreams, but how do they really work? For 10 days, you will learn more about these inventions and the technology behind. While lecturers will teach you the basics of the subject, factory visits and workshops will allow you to put this knowledge into practice. At the end of this course, you will master the skills needed to travel greener, faster and smarter.

Who are we?

LBG CentraleSupelec is a group of friends closer than a family. We love meeting new people, travelling abroad and of course we love to party! We are here to make this event really fun for you and give you an amazing experience with French people.

Discover the secrets of the city of love

During city rallies, you will visit the monuments that makes Paris so unique: La Tour Eiffel, the Champs Elysées, Montmartre, Notre Dame de Paris… We will also go to Château de Versailles, the famous castel of French kings. Last but not least, you’ll get to taste French traditional cuisine such as cheese, wine and raclette…

Party harder than ever

Our LBG is know all over Europe for throwing the most insane parties… We can’t tell you more about it- just come and try them by yourself if you dare!

Need more information ?

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